Algorithms as devices of power and valuation

1040 by x6e38

This network aims to explore the social aspects of algorithms in everyday life, business, government, and science. The network is organized through three annual workshops (2015-2017) that take place at various locations in Sweden (Smådalarö, Rosersberg, Vadstena). The network brings together internationally renowned researchers from varying disciplines. The central theme for the workshops is the increasing importance of algorithms in society, and the social transformations that this implies. The point of departure is that algorithms embody certain choices of what to include and exclude, what to value and what to disregard. Through their output and functioning, algorithms come to classify, hierarchize, value and shape different social phenomena, often well beyond their initial aims. Algorithms are in dire need of careful analysis, since their social consequences are equally pervasive as they are invisible. Not studying them therefore poses serious risks for our understanding of technodemocracy.